Gallery Opening Hours

Monday          9.00am  to  12MD
Tuesday          8.30am to 12MD
Wednesday    9.00am  to 12MD /  1.30PM to 4.30PM
Thursday       09.00am to 1PM
Friday              9.00am to 12MD
Saturday         8.30am to 12MD

40th Annual Art Exhibition Now Open!

What is now the Cooktown School of Art Society Inc started in 1978 as a local Cooktown group interested in improving their artistic skills.  In 1988 the dream of having their own art gallery was realised and in 1998 named for Elizabeth Guzsely as a suitable recognition of her art legacy.  

Art works on display are by local artists in a variety of medium and styles. These include oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, mixed media, charcoal, graphite, pen & ink, sculptural works in many different materials from wood, metal, fabrics, recycled materials, mosaic, and fibres. 

Indigenous art linked to local cultural traditions or contemporary in design is also proudly on display.

Individual artists have the chance to improve their artistic skills through learning, sharing, exhibiting and selling their art. 

Art Award Winners 40th Annual Art Awards 2018

Cat 1. Cook Shire Acquisitive Award - Melissa Davey "November Sundown"


Cat 2. Landscape/Seascape Award - First Prize - Gail Hearsey "Fish are Moving"

Highly Commended - Melissa Davey "Perfect Winters Day"


Cat 3.  Flora and Fauna Award - First Prize - Di Fursdon "Free Spirits"

Highly Commended - Jane Dennis "Painted Cray"


Cat 4. Contemporary Award - First Prize Tracey Blumer "Cooktown From the Air"

Highly Commended - Trisha Allen "Marble Magic"


Cat 5. Endeavour Lions Youth Award - First Prize - Evelyn Woibo "Ants Alive"

Highly Commended - Savannah Frame "Turtle Crossing"


Encouragement Award - Shakayla Woibo "Cross"


Cat 6. 3D Sculpture Award - Kristy Kennedy "The Light Fantastic"

Highly Commended - Bobbin Sheeham - "Trash Fairy"


Cat 7.  Rosie Andre Mosaic Award - Terri Ashcroft "Dolphins at Play"

Highly Commended Gisela Whithear "Fish No Chips"


People’s Choice Award – votes counted 12 noon Sunday 17th June went to Diana Burns with Grass Tree Pocket


Cook Shire Council has purchased Annette Lee's driftwood sculpture "Endeavour" - a huge and astonishing replica of Capt Cook's ship, and a feature of the exhibition. 


Additional Entries in 40th Annual Art Awards 2018


Paintings by local artists in a number of different styles and  mediums are on display FOR SALE in the gallery .

3D Art works

Many creative locals have produced varied 3D art works in every imaginable medium.


Local artists skilled in mosaics have their work available for sale.